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First things first. Head over to our fitting room to browse and our extensive collection of handmade luxury frames. Our frame selection comes from all over the world. Most frames are made in limited quantities, so if you find one you love, don’t miss out on your opportunity to own eyewear that is unique to you. We partner with frame designers that sell exclusively to couture eyewear boutiques and of course to us here at OPTICALNEARME. These luxury frame designers decided to partner with us because we work with local optometrists and opticians who provide support when and if you need it. They understand that exceptional eyewear requires exceptional service.

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Upload Your Selfie

Our cutting edge ‘Eyestyler’ technology is the most advanced in the world. The ‘eyestyler’ try-on tool allows you to see the entire frame on your face in real-time. The use of AI technology allows the frame to be placed exactly where it will sit on your face without you having to do anything at all. No more pinching to zoom or scaling to fit. Our ‘Eyestyler’ technology designs a 3D representation of you wearing your frame and records all your measurements automatically. Just as if you were sitting in front of one of our real opticians. ‘Eyestyler’ works on laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and any browser. Our exclusive touchless try-on system has a built-in measuring system that automatically detects your pupils for a precise measurement every time. If you require a more in-depth fitting experience, we can schedule an appointment for you with one of our trained OPTICALNEARME artisans at your local participating optometrist or optician.


Choose your lens

Upload your current prescription and choose your lens. Our guided lens ordering system helps you to choose the perfect lens for your needs. We offer free single vision lenses with every frame purchase. Our lenses include an anti-glare coating so you won’t have to worry about that annoying glare in your selfies ever again. Since the anti-reflective coating is included free of charge, you are saving hundreds of dollars compared to other online retailers. Our lenses are all manufactured in the United States and are never outsourced to foreign factories. Every lens purchase provides support for an American owned business. During the lens selection process you can also customize your lens exactly to your style. Select digital progressive lenses, computer lenses including blue light and anti-fatigue, along with a variety of colors and coatings to design a look that is uniquely yours!

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Thats it!!!

Our technology does most of the work for you. We have the easiest online process for getting a frame selected and your prescription lenses ordered all while guiding you on the road to your best vision. Our goal is to evaluate your lens and frame choice ensuring that all of the elements you have selected will work together creating the perfect eyewear for you. We use all the tools at our disposal to get your order right the FIRST time. The result is an eyewear blueprint that is tailored to your unique style and visual needs. With our OPTICALNEARME team of experts, you receive a PERFECT FIT guarantee. This means if your eyewear does not fit perfectly or if your lenses do not feel quite right, you can make an appointment immediately with our local OPTICALNEARME provider to troubleshoot your issue. We will always stand firm behind our products and services.

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The best part??? Your local participating optical shop is your point of contact. IF you have any questions or concerns they will be happy to help you!

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